A Case Report: An Approach to Recognize a Role in Ketogenic Diet Response in Autism with Positive CHD8

Autism is a neurological disorder that affects a person's ability to communicate and socialise. The symptoms of autism spectrum disorder are now untreatable with current medications. Epilepsy is often co-morbid with symptoms of autistic spectrum disorder. Ketogenic diets are very

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The Effect of Light and Soil Moisture on the Environmental Behavior of Newts (Triturus vittatus vittatus, Urodela): A Detailed Study

Under controlled conditions, the effects of light and moisture on the response of metamorphosed newts (Triturus vittatus vittatus) to hiding places were investigated. There were no significant differences (X2-test; P > 0.05) between the hiding places covered with black or

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Recent Study on Measuring the Public Awareness toward Household Waste Management in Muharraq Governorate-Kingdom of Bahrain

In contrast to the pace of urbanisation, the generation of municipal solid waste (MSW) is rising rapidly. The growing population, burgeoning rate of waste generation, limited availability of land, and scarcity of waste disposal sites make household waste management a

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