Determining the Effect of Managerial Overconfidence on Share Price: Evidence from Some FTSE / JSE Top 40 Index Companies

Over the last two and a half decades, the discipline of corporate finance has seen major changes. Managers are occasionally irrational, according to a large body of study in economics, finance, and even psychology. Managers have been observed to make

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The Role of Market Capitalization and Tweet Volumes in Shaping Investors Behavior Post Biotechnology IPOs

This research examines the impact of social media, notably Twitter, on stock returns for biotechnology companies after their first public offerings (IPOs). While the risk associated with biotechnology initiatives lessens as the product development cycle progresses, the absolute capital requirements

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Determination of Behavioral Finance Patterns Affecting Investors’ Activity in Capital Markets

The rationality model is being challenged by cognitive psychologists' research. It has begun to penetrate economic modelling, with a large amount of experimental documentation of cognitive weaknesses accumulated thus far, raising the question of whether behavioural decision models, which capture

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