Evaluation of Hepatoprotective Activity of Berberis Aristata Root Extract against Chemical-induced Acute Hepatotoxicity in Rats

Biotransformation of free radical products, increased lipid peroxidation, and overdone cell extinction are all important determinants causing liver damage inferred by CCL4. The pharmacological properties of "berberine chloride," a root extract from Berberis aristata, contain antimicrobial, antiviral, anti-instigative, cholesterol-lowering, anticancer,

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Influence of Berberine on Megakaryocyte and Apoptotic Cell Populations in Erosive Arthritis

Berberine (BB) is a protoberberine alkaloid that has a broad range of pharmacological activities and is a Janus kinase (Jak)2/3 inhibitor. However, the mechanisms of berberine's anti-inflammatory effects on joints are still unclear. The aim of this study was to

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