The Generalized Van-der-Waals-Bertlo Equation. Part II. Description of the Line of Evaporation of Alkaline Metals

In this study, the generalised Van-der-Waals-Berthelot equation is shown to appropriately characterise alkali metal evaporation curves (saturation curves). The author's estimates for the thermodynamic parameters of saturation curves described by the generalised Van-der-Waals-Berthelot equation are used in this analysis. The

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The Generalized Van-der-Waals-Bertlo Equation. Part III. Description of the Dependence of the Dielectric Permeability of Gas on Temperature and Pressure

In this study, we look at how to use the equation of state for model gases to describe experimental dielectric permeability dependencies on pressure and temperature for nonpolar gases. The instance of argon is used as an illustration. The generalised

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“The Generalized Van-der-Waals-Bertlo Equation” (Part I): Description of the Gas Evaporation Line

Only the Van-der-Waals and Berthelot equations, as well as their generalisations, are considered in this study. The evaporation curves for the Van-der-Waals and Berthelot gases are calculated. The evaporation curve of actual gases was found to lie somewhere between that

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