A Brief Introduction of Scientific thought, Theory and Method of “Real-Time Input- Output Tabulation Method

The contribution of "Real-time input-output tabulation technique" scientific thinking, theory, and method to human civilization, 1) The tabulation method has been established based on information technology to gather the basic data needed for the real-time analysis of the optimal micro

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Text Sentiment Analysis for Intelligent Transportation Systems by Using Web-Based Traffic Data: A Descriptive Study

 In essence, transportation systems serve people, yet modern intelligent transportation systems (ITSs) have failed to consider public opinion. It is required to collect and analyse public wisdom and opinions in order to complete the ITS space. However, only a few

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Deming’s: Management’s Responsibility for the Utilization of Statistical Techniques in Industry

William Edwards Deming said in his primary work released in 1953 that better quality through the use of statistical techniques can give enterprises with a competitive edge. He also claimed that in order to accomplish a larger and more effective

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