Determining the Effects of Silicon Content in Rice Husk Biochar of Southern Taiwan on the Germination of Corn Seeds (Zea mays L.)

To our knowledge, there haven't been many studies on this topic in Southern Taiwan, where rice residues from farm areas offer a lot of potential. Farmers are unaware that simply adding a source of accessible silicon to the soil, they

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Detailed Multiband Electromagnetic Wave Absorption Study on Nanocrystalline (1-x)NiFe2O4/(x)BaTiO3 Composites

On nanocrystalline (1-x)NiFe2O4/ (x)BaTiO3 composites, multiband electromagnetic wave absorption has been studied. Using a high energy milling (HEM) tool, the samples were made by solid state reaction from powder raw materials of BaTiO3 (BTO) and NiFe2O4 (NFO) compounds. The BTO

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Compilation of Equations for Calculation of Liquid–vapor Equilibrium in Binary Mixtures Containing Methane

Experimental data on liquid-vapor equilibrium in binary mixtures of methane, argon, carbon dioxide, and helium were compiled into equations. The equations show how temperature and composition affect the pressure of a liquid or vapour. The most important coefficients of the

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