In Silico Prediction and 3D Model Analysis of Potential Epitope of Heat Shock Protein-70 (HSP70) Gallus gallus as Candidate Biomarkers for Poultry Meat Quality Tests

The major goal of this study was to look for possible heat shock protein-70 (HSP70) epitopes in chickens (Gallus gallus). The epitopes are crucial for developing a vaccination that will generate antibodies against HSP70, which can then be utilised as

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Recent Advancements on the Application of Biotechnology towards Diagnosis and Treatment in Veterinary Medicine in Africa: Potentials and Future Developments

In many fields of medicine, biotechnology is an already proven method, but its implementation in the field of veterinary medicine has only begun to emerge with the potential to revolutionise veterinary practise. Therefore, this paper reviews existing biotechnology applications in

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PR-DFT: A Review of the Computational Approach in Prediction of Eukaryotic Promoter Regions

Identification of promoters is of great significance for determining transcription site, finding protein coding regions and annotating the functional structures of genes. Computational prediction of promoters and subsequent identification of transcriptional site is most sought after research area in biological

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