A Potential Barrier Halting Spherically Symmetric Relativistic Gravitational Collapse

Geodesic pathways of radially inbound photons in a Schwarzschild space-time approach the critical radius of a collapsed star asymptotically for asymptotic observers. Inbound null geodesics in a matching Vaidya space-time, however, pass through a temporary inflection point when time dilation

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Light Deflection around a Spherical Charged Black Hole to Second Order. Multivariate Padé Approximants

The second-order terms for the deflection of light around a large, spherical and charged black hole are derived from the Reissner-Nordström metric using the Lindstedt-Poincaré method to solve the equation of motion of a photon around a compact object. The

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Approximate Inertial Coordinate System Selections for Rotation Problems: The Gravitational Field of the Celestial Body Higher than the Object being Rotated: An Observational Study

Selection of the coordinate system is essential for rotation problems. Otherwise, mistakes may occur due to inaccurate measurement of angular speed. Approximate inertial coordinate system selections for rotation problems should be the gravitational field of the celestial body higher than

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