Assessing the Variation of Certain Haemostatic Parameters in Hypothyroidism | Chapter 11 | Emerging Trends in Disease and Health Research Vol.4

The purpose of this research is to see how hypothyroidism affects specific haemostatic measures. Thyroid issues, which are more common in women, have been reported to affect the coagulation-fibrinolytic system. The goal of this study is to see if there

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‘Research on Clinical Significance of Blood groups on Bleeding time and Clotting Time and its Association with Diseases; An Advanced Study’

Background: A person's blood group plays a unique role in revealing his or her identity. Certain diseases and psychological traits differ among ABO blood groups, according to studies. In addition, differences in bleeding tendencies among different blood groups have been

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Assessment of Rhesus D Distribution in Blood Group of Individuals and the Relationship with Bleeding Time

In randomly selected subjects from Niger Delta University, Bayelsa State, Nigeria, the relationship between rhesus factor and bleeding time in blood group O was investigated using standard antisera and Duke's system. The O+ group had a shorter bleeding time (1.32

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