Effect of PGRs and Nature of Ex-plant on Plant Regeneration in Red Sorghum Karandafi (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench) through Somatic Embryogenesis

Sorghum bicolor is an important crop of cereals grown in the tropics, subtropics, temperate regions, poor soils, and semi-arid regions. It is not easy to procure immature embryos during the year because once in their lifespan, sorghum flowering occurs. An

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A Comparative Study of in vivo Plant and in vitro Callus Extracts of Coccinia indica (W. and A)

An attempt was made in the present study to evaluate the phytochemical, antimicrobial , antioxidant and alpha-amylase inhibitory activity of leaf extracts of Coccinia indica (W. and A) using four solvents and to compare them with callous extracts. The leaf

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