Determining the Metabolic Effects of Adrenalectomy and Glycemic Parameters on Caloric Efficiency and Adiposity in the Congenic LA/Ntul//-cp (Corpulent) Rat

The obese phenotype of the congenic LA/Ntul/-cp (corpulent) rat strain has developed obesity by 6 weeks of age. Congenic male lean and obese LA/Ntul/-cp (corpulent) rats were fed an ad libitum standardised Purina chow diet (CHOW) from 6 to 12

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The Metabolic Effects of Aging, Phenotype and Carbohydrate Feeding on Caloric Efficiency and Adiposity in the LA/Ntul//-Cp Rat

The goal of this work was to see if the decreased responses to diet in the obese phenotype were connected with corresponding alterations in CE, which could be correlated with the increased adiposity associated with the (-cp) trait. Obesity develops

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