Optimization of Camel Milk Cheese Processing Using Protease from Latex (Ficus carica) | Chapter 3 | Research Aspects in Agriculture and Veterinary Science Vol. 5

The goal of this work was to look for new plant peptidases with milk-clotting activity in camel milk in latex fractions from Ficus carica, which might be used as rennet replacements. Fast Protein Liquid Chromatography was used to fractionate latex

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Improvement of Camel Milk Coagulation: Usefulness of an Enzymatic Extract from the Kaolin Layer of Chicken Gizzard

This study used an enzymatic extract from the Kaolin Layer (EKL) of chicken gizzards as a substitute for commercial rennet to increase the coagulation abilities of camel milk. Dry Kaolin layer powder was dissolved in a combination of Nacl and

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