A Comparative Study on Stereopsis, Aniseikonia, and Associated Symptoms in Patients with Bilateral Pseudophakia with and without Anisometropia

In order to investigate stereopsis, aniseikonia, and associated symptoms, the study examined bilateral pseudophakia with and without anisometropia. Patients with senile cataracts who had previously been scheduled for phacoemulsification with an IOL implant in both eyes were included in this

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Assessment of Albumin Status in Hypertensive Patients with or Without Cataract in Nigeria

The Eye Foundation Hospital in Itamogiri, Ijebu – Mushin in the Ijebu-East Local Government Area and the General Hospital in Ijebu-Ode in Ogun State, Nigeria, investigated albumin levels in hypertensive patients with and without cataracts. Simple random selection was used

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