Possibilities of Solving the Stability of Salt Strata Penetrated by Drilling: A Descriptive Study

The rendering of oil structures apparent in the deep layers in Romania limits the penetration of some thick salt deposits (500-3,000 m) positioned above structures with petroleum potential (6,000 m). Drilling through these salt deposits is a major risk both

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Determination of Structural Changes in Water and in Aqueous Solutions under External Influences

The proposes a novel approach to the development of cement compositions based on technologies that meet technological accessibility and efficiency, environmental safety, sustainability, biocompatibility, economics, energy efficiency, and resource conservation requirements. This innovative method is based on evaluating electrical characteristics

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Investigation of the Effect of Aggregate/Cement and Water/Cement Ratios on Concrete Workability

Fresh concrete's workability is determined by its consistency, mobility, and compactability. Several factors influence concrete workability, but the effect of aggregate/cement (AG/CM) and water/cement (W/C) ratios is the subject of this study. The study's goals are to assess the aggregate/cement

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