NCCT Head Findings in Patients of Chronic Renal Failure with Altered Sensorium: A Prospective Study in a Tertiary Care Centre

Introduction: The central nervous system (CNS) is commonly impacted in uremics and has been studied in a variety of ways in these individuals. From time to time, various theories about the origin of central nervous system tract lesions in chronic

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Recent Advancements about the Respective Roles of Central and Intraorgan Nervous Systems in Regulation of the Gastrointestinal Tract Physiology and Morphology

The central nervous system's involvement in the general control and coordination of organ, tissue, and even cell activities continues to pique researchers' interest. Significant evidence has recently been obtained in the field of new neurotransmitters and other active molecules, revealing

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Discussing the Diffusion Tensor Imaging without Complex Statistical Analysis Could Be Helpful for Diagnosis

Objective: The visualisation of fibre tracts in the brain is possible thanks to rapidly evolving technology. Yet data processing and analysis are becoming more complicated with the latest technologies. Currently, interpretations are mainly in-group research in these areas and are

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