Impact of Two Temperature and Fractional Order Parameters on Visco-thermodiffusive Elastic Plate

In this episode, the analysis of the transient answers of visco-thermoelastic material in the context of two hotness fractional generalized thermoelastic spread models is presented. Here, a thermoelastic plate namely initially kept friction-free at a uniform temperature and commit thermal

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Effect of the Temperature and the Holding Time on Carburizing Treatment of 18CN4 and 22MC4 Steels

The resistance to wear and fatigue of mechanical parts subjected to high loads is heavily influenced by the surface of those parts. Producing a hard surface layer over a less strong substrate increases mechanical wear and fatigue resistance in the

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Study on Conversion Treatment of Thin Titanium Layer Deposited onto Carbon Steel: Application of Physical and Mechanical Investigation

In recent years, it has been possible to use small and/or microscale versions of more conventional mass spectrometers. As a result, small analytical instruments for 'in the field' sensing applications in aerospace, environmental monitoring, medical diagnostics, and process control have

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