The Effects of Property Price Volatility, Rent Flows and Foreclosure Costs on Rational Discrimination in Mortgage Lending

Significant disparities in credit availability, loan terms, and lending volume between demographically dissimilar groups of borrowers are sometimes regarded as evidence of possible ethnic, racial, or gender discrimination by lenders. Extant models of lending discrimination based on assumptions of credit

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Study on Naturalization: The Case for Constitutional Reform to Extend Citizenship to Immigrant in Liberia

By analysing survey, remittance, and naturalisation data collected by Afrobarometer (Round 5 and 6 Surveys), USD Explorer, 2015 Yearbook of Immigration Statistics, and TLC Africa from 2011 to 2015, this study examines critical elements of extending citizenship to entrepreneurial minority

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Critical Review on Prophetism, Charism and Agwu: Striking a Balance between Discriminatory Belief and Reality

Charismatic gifts, though tautological, is a catch word amongst Christian denominations, Catholics and non-Catholics alike. Claim of charisms is an assurance of a team of followers and adherents. The more one is able to hypnotize the people into believing that

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