Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) and Genomics Imbalance to Risk Oxidative Stress Following Environmental Stress: Molecular Vitality for Prediction and Prevention

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is one of the most costly health problems, requiring individualised preventative systems that include a variety of pharmacological alternatives. It manifests itself in a variety of ways as a result of risk factors (such as smoking, a

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Is Atmospheric Superoxide Essential? Accelerated Death of Animals in a Quasi-Neutral Electric Atmosphere

The goal of the research was to investigate the biological effect of micromolar quantities of ionised gases by removing them from inhaled air via electrostatic removal („air ion deprivation"). A morphological investigation of the adeno- and neurohypophysis was done due

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Understanding the Mechanisms of Weed Interference with Crops through Photosynthetic and Antioxidative Physiology

Background: Crop losses due to weed interference continue to be a serious impediment to global attempts to boost food and fibre supply. Despite the fact that weed interference with crops affects both biotic and abiotic components of the agroecosystem, most

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