Study on Biochemical Preparation of Natural and Rare Carbohydrate (Pentoses)

Unnatural or unusual monosaccharides can be produced via biochemical processes, which are mainly microbial or enzymatic. By fermenting D-glucose with Candida famata R28, D-arabitol was generated. Acetobacter aceti IFO 3281 may manufacture D-xylulose from D-arabitol. Using L-ribose isomerase, D-lyxose was

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Process Fermentation of Filtrate Bamboo with Saccharomyces Cerevisiae and Zymomonas Mobilis: An Advance Study

Fermentation is the process of producing ethanol from glucose through the use of enzymes. Bamboo is one of the materials containing a high concentration of glucose, which has been hydrolyzed in advance. Bamboo is used when the hydrolysis process of

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Enzyme and Lectin Relationships in Cell Biology (Not Only Microbiology But Also Mammals and Plants)

Inter- and intramolecular relationships and directions in co-functioning lectins and enzymes are identified and ordered. The regularities of these relationships are highlighted and used as additional parameters for lectins and lectinic enzymes that are “true.” The findings point to the

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