Study on Pattern and Prevalence of Dyslipidemia and Other Cardiovascular Risk Factors among the Various Ethnic Groups of Trinidad and Tobago

Background: Dyslipidemia is a crucial component of the metabolic syndrome and has long been linked to the development of issues such as cardiovascular disease (CVD). In addition, there have been reports of differences in the pattern of lipid derangements, particularly

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Conventional Herbal Plants in Modern Periods : The Therapeutic Potential Syzigium cumuni and Hyperglycemiav

Herbal medicinal herbs have been employed since the Vedic period. They've been used to cure and prevent a variety of diseases, as well as epidemics, for thousands of years. Some medical herbs are also used as tasty condiments, to flavour,

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A Therapeutic Application of Systematic Review with Meta-analysis: Epigenetic Analysis Tools and Cancer’s Therapy Assessment

Epigenetics will produce a plethora of novel biomarkers to aid in the refinement of cancer therapies and patient drug response; they can be utilised as markers to predict clinical outcome and the likelihood of relapse after chemotherapies. According to a

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