Quality of the Spermatozoa of the Giant Grouper Epinehelus lanceolatus (Bloch, 1970) after Freezing and the Effect of Egg Yolk as a Natural Cryoprotectant

The grouper Epinephelus lanceolatus is a vulnerable species of high economic value, so this study aims to determine the effect of the combination of 6% glycerol with different egg yolk concentrations on the post-cryopreservation quality of the grouper Epinephelus lanceolatus

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Palm Date, Phoenix dactylifera, L. Extract Effect on Spermatozoa Quality of Giant Grouper, Epinehelus lanceolatus (Bloch, 1970) after Frozen

This thesis deals with the study of the band structure and silicon state density using the first-principle pseudopotential approach, based on the functional density theory (DFT) and the plane-wave method as implemented in the Quantum Espresso kit (this is an

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