Numerical Evaluation of Single-lap Adhesive Joints under Different Geometries and Adhesive Types

Adhesives can be strong and brittle (such as Araldite® AV138) or weak and ductile (such as Araldite® 2015). High strength and ductility are built into a new family of polyurethane adhesives such as Sikaforce® 7888. In this study, the performance

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Numerical Evaluation of Different Adhesive Joint Configurations by Cohesive Zone Modelling

Single-lap joints (SLJ), double-lap joints (DLJ), stepped joints, and scarf joints are the most typical configurations for adhesive joints. The overlap length is one of the most significant factors that influences the joint strength (LO). The major goals of this

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A Critical Comprehension of Effect of Surface Treatment on Physical and Mechanical Properties of Date Palm – Stem Fiber Embedded Epoxy Composites

Natural fiber-reinforced polymer composites are commonly used in a variety of engineering applications due to their outstanding characteristics such as low density, ease of procurement, and superior mechanical properties, but natural fibres are typically hydrophilic. An investigation into a type

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