Thought Experiment Cement Industry Demand Fluctuations: Supporting John M. Clark’s Workable Competition Pricing

The purpose of this research is to compare numerical results for a hypothetical numerical model of a cement industry facing demand fluctuations, high versus low, with alternate technologies, high fixed cost versus low fixed cost, using marginal cost pricing versus

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Discussing a Variational Approach to Electrostatics of Polarizable Heterogeneous Substances

which isn't free of divergence. Our approach is based on a logically consistent extension of the theory of Gibbs energy that takes polarisation effects into account. Although the model is mathematically robust, we warn against the presumption that physical phenomena

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Study on the Adsorption of Pb, Zn, Cu, Ni, and Cd by Modified Ligand in a Single Component Aqueous Solution: Equilibrium, Kinetic, Thermodynamic, and Desorption Studies

In this investigation, an amino functionalized adsorbent was developed by grafting 4-aminobenzoic acid onto the backbone of cross-linked chitosan beads. FTIR, XRD , SEM, and TGA were characterised by 3 sets of beads including chitosan (CX), glutaraldehyde cross-linked chitosan (CCX)

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