India’s New Drugs and Clinical Trial Rules: Perception and Perspectives of Indian Researchers

Background/Purpose: Few studies have examined investigators' and ethics members' understanding of previous guidelines, as well as their perspectives on them. No study, however, has looked into the perceptions and viewpoints of Indian researchers on the most recent medications and clinical

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Psychosocial Considerations on Victims of Traumatic Events: An Approach from the Experience in an Assistance Unit of the Peruvian Public Department

The current study looks at several key psychosocial aspects of victimological care for those who have been the victims of misdemeanours and crimes. As a result, 14 scenarios relating to supported cases at Peru's Immediate Unit Assistance for Victims and

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Bioethics and the Development of Biotechnology in Developing Economies: A Case of Nigeria Agricultural Research System (NARS)

The growth of biotechnologies has been monitored by ethical concerns, particularly as they affect human health and the environment. Such scandals have had a significant influence on the advancement of policies and laws impacting their growth and deployment. Agricultural biotechnology

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