Effectiveness of Female Student Representatives’ Participation on Public University Councils in Uganda

The study's goal was to learn more about female student representatives' experiences in Ugandan university councils. To extract meaning and comprehension from perspectives of involvement levels, the Ladder of Citizen Involvement was employed. Unstructured interviews, transect walks, and letter writing

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Expanding the Frontiers of Learning in Educational Institutions: An Approach towards Challenges Faced by Leaders and Followers

The internet is the answer to broadening — perhaps, breaking – the frontiers of learning in educational institutions. With Web 2.0 tools, there is now a new method of learning and teaching. Simultaneously, individuals interested in integrating technology into the

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Cultural Effects on Leadership: A Study of Dispositional Resilience in Societies

Beginning with an introduction to the study's research problem, research question, dispositional resilience theory, different dimensions of culture and society, theoretical foundations of the variables through a definition of terms, literature review, and discussion of research methods and inst The

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Leadership as a Mediator of Learning Organization, Technology and Innovation Influencing Competitiveness of Thai Exporting Business

The goal of this mixed methods study was to look into the function of leadership in conveying the impact of learning organizations, technology, and innovation on Thai exporters' competitiveness. In quantitative research, a structured and tested questionnaire was employed as

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Overview of a Comparative Study between Management and Leadership with Reference to (Sheikh Zayed AL Nahyan and Nelson Mandela)

In this post, I'm reflecting on the paper "managers and leaders: are they different?" by Abraham Zaleznik. He was a famous professor at Harvard Business School who criticised the style of management for focusing only on logic and achieving goals.

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