Dosimetric Evaluation of Mean Glandular Dose for Mammography in Indian Women from North East Region

Introduction: The measurement of mean glandular dose is critical for reducing and controlling the risk of radiation-induced carcinogenesis during mammography. The term "mean glandular dose" refers to the amount of danger to glandular tissue generated by the use of radiation

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Impact of Health Education Intervention on Uptake of Random Screening for Cervical & Breast Cancers among Rural Women in Villages of Gurgaon Cluster, Haryana, India: A Cross-Sectional Study

Disease awareness and socio-cultural practises influence rural women's treatment seeking behaviour and uptake of preventative screening for breast and cervical cancers. In Gurgaon villages chosen at random by our financial partner, DLF Foundation, Gurgaon, this study was performed to evaluate

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