Study about Management Control Procedures and Environment of Local Councils in Sierra Leone

 The review surveyed administration control methods and climate of Local Councils in Sierra Leone concerning Bo and Kenema Districts Councils. The optional goals of the review were, to: 1) survey control techniques on the committees viability; 2) evaluate control systems

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Study on the Role of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) in National Economic Development in Nigeria

The Enron scandal caused a Wall Street fraud crisis that shook the market to its core in 2001, immediately after the Asian crises of 1997-1998, the DotcomBubble, and 9/11. Since then, scandals such as those involving Lehman Brothers and WorldCom

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Study about Paternal Age: an approach towards Considerable Confounding Risk Factor in Chromosomal Aneuploidies

Over the years, chromosomal aneuploidies linked to advanced maternal age have been widely discussed and contested. With limited evidence, the paternal age effect linked with aneuploidies was underreported, leaving room for investigation and disagreement. In a retrospective investigation, the researchers

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