Thought Experiment Cement Industry Demand Fluctuations: Supporting John M. Clark’s Workable Competition Pricing

The purpose of this research is to compare numerical results for a hypothetical numerical model of a cement industry facing demand fluctuations, high versus low, with alternate technologies, high fixed cost versus low fixed cost, using marginal cost pricing versus

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Analysis of Porosity Defects in Aluminum as Part Handle Motor Vehicle Lever Processed by High-pressure Die Casting: Recent Advancement

The testing and analysis of cracking Aluminum (Al) materials is the subject of this study. A braking device on a motor vehicle was once as simple as a handle lever. The portion content of porosity from hydrogen gas causes cracking

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A Numerical Example Illustrating Globalization: Focus should be on Supply for the Peaks

We are talking about globalisation and the recent manufacturing and construction slowdown. We present a novel globalisation model consisting of two countries, X and Y, each with domestic and foreign open-market systems. In each nation, we compare two pricing policies:

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