Measurement of Heart Size in the New Zealand White Rabbit by Cardiothoracic Ratio

Aim: In small animal practise, radiographic assessment of the heart and other thoracic structures is critical for staging a patient with a suspected cardiac abnormality, deciding on therapy protocols, and monitoring disease progression or response to treatment. For objective assessment

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Water Vapor Sensors Based on the Swelling of Relief Gelatin Gratings: Recent Advances and Development

We present a novel device for measuring relative humidity. Different materials are used in the measurement of relative humidity. The sensor is built around gelatin surface diffraction gratings. This material expands and contracts in response to the amount of water

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Illustrating an Efficient 3-D Ray Tracing Method for Prediction of Indoor Radio Propagation at 28 GHz in 5G Network

The fifth generation networks would be dominated by millimetre wave technology due to the obvious The benefit of higher frequency and thus broader spectrum bands. The Indoor Radio Wave in this article The 28 GHz propagation is studied by the

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