Considering Multiple Modes of Blood Coagulation | Chapter 6 | Issues and Developments in Medicine and Medical Research Vol.10

Every creature's blood is its life: its blood is its life. 9:4 in the Bible. For all blooded creatures, blood coagulation is a vital process that prevents essential blood loss due to injury. The traditional model of blood coagulation is

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Annona stenophylla, a Medicinal Herb with Potential for Treating Sugar Imbalances in Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a chronic metabolic condition characterised by insulin secretion that is defective. The disease poses a significant health risk to healthcare systems around the world. Blindness, kidney failure, neuropathy, amputations, cardiovascular disease and stroke may be caused

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Biochemical and Molecular Pathogenetic Mechanisms behind Causation of Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is an age-related neurodegenerative disorder that affects approximately 1 million persons in the United States. It is characterized by resting tremor, rigidity, bradykinesia, gait disturbance and postural instability. Its pathological features include degeneration of dopaminergic neurons in

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