An Assessment of Efficacy of WhatsApp Messenger Application as a Medium for Medical Research Education

Background: Because research is not featured in the present MBBS curriculum, medical students are lacking in knowledge. As a result, we decided to evaluate the efficacy of WhatsApp Messenger as a teaching-learning medium using the theme of 'Medical Research.' There

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A Diagnosis on Gender Specific Difference of Belonephobia and Pain Associated with Fingerpricking in Haematology Laboratory

Introduction: Needle phobia, often known as belonephobia in clinical terms, is a kind of blood-injury-injection phobia (BII phobia). In comparison to men, women have a higher sensitivity to experimentally generated pain, clinical pain, and pain-related anxiety. Gonadal hormone levels have

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Undergraduate Module for Complementary Medicine and Integrative Health

Background: Medical education has undergone significant change in tandem with the evolution of the concept of health and disease. Increasing awareness, knowledge, and skills in complementary medicine and integrative health for undergraduate medical students. Methods: A complementary medicine and integrative

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