A Cross Sectional Study of Gender Differences in Internet Preferences and Usage Pattern among Medical Students in Sub Urban Region

Background: The Internet began in the 1950s with the invention of electronic computers. The use of the internet has rapidly increased in our daily lives, and it is having a direct impact on people's thoughts and behaviours. With the advancement

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Current and Future Medical Professionals’ Attitudes towards Humanoid Robots

In recent areas, the scope of robot applications has been rapidly expanding across the globe. With the widespread introduction of robotics in the healthcare sector, understanding the attitudes of medical professionals towards using robots in different health-related contexts is important.

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An Assessment of the Perception Regarding Medical Research among Final Year Medical Students

  In recent years, in medicine and education field, a paradigm shift has been noticed from experiencebased to evidence-based practice. Evidence-based medical practice is based on research, which translates new knowledge into powerful tools for prevention and treatment of disease.

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