A Case Study on Fish Farming – A Boon to Enhance Farmer’s Income and Employment Generation in Saline and Sodic Soil

Fish farming on saline-sodic soil is crucial for human nutrition as well as the country's rural economy. A thorough ecological strategy and the development of new systems are required for the management of water-logged saline and sodic soil. Fish farming

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Review: Early Detection of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae in Pigs Using Tracheo-bronchial Swab Sampling under Field Conditions

TBS sampling (tracheobronchial swab) is a fast, accurate, and animal-friendly method of diagnosing Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae in the respiratory system (M. hyopneumoniae). This study covers a wide range of M. hyopneumoniae diagnostic procedures, including clinical symptoms, necropsy, microscopy, and pathogen detection

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Investigating the Effects of Two Different Diets on Carcass and Meat Quality Traits of Chato Murciano Pigs

To test the effects of two diets, 40 castrated male pigs of the Spanish autochthonous Chato Murciano breed were utilised. Twenty pigs were fed a high protein/low fat (HP/LF) diet and slaughtered at 125.03 kg LW. The remaining 20 pigs

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