The Central Role of Spin in Celestial Body Motion Mechanics: With Assistance from Gravity, Centrifugal Force and Weightlessness

The key findings we present in this chapter are that the axial rotation speeds of the solar system planets are linearly related to their masses, that the orbital and axial rotation speeds of the synchronously rotating large, close-in satellites of

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Space-time Gets Reversed Only for Fermions where as Space-time is Identical for Bosons: Scientific Explanation

There are essentially two types of particles in particle physics. Bosons and fermions are the two types of particles. In both of them, particles are separated into subcategories. A fermion is a particle with an odd half-integer spin, such as

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Critical Research: Effect of Cherenkov Radiation on Superluminal Free Spin-half Particles Motion in Spacetime

Conservation laws, consisting of the existence of quantities which do not change in time, independent of the dynamical evolution of a system, are crucial and vital for the construction of any dynamical system theory. The basic properties such as conservation

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