Covid-19 Pandemic: Exploring the Fiscal and Monetary Policies for Mitigating the Socio-economic Impact on Ghana’s Economy

The Covid-19 epidemic has thrown the global economy into chaos. Countries are seeking to address the epidemic's economic and social consequences by implementing harsh market-stabilizing policies, including monetary interventions. Bans on social meetings have a harmful influence on society, interrupting

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Study on Progress and Challenges Associated with the Use of Telemedicine in Sub-Saharan Africa

Many government agencies and health organisations in Sub-Saharan Africa are keeping a close eye on telemedicine advancements. The current hurdles and triumphs in the implementation of telemedicine programmes in Sub-Saharan Africa are examined in this narrative literature review. In Sub-Saharan

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Public Health Survey Fieldwork Research in Resource Limited Settings: Reflections from Uganda and Zimbabwe

Globally, routine data collection is required for the formulation of public health policy in order to offer evidence for public health interventions. As a result, several public health studies have been done in many parts of the world, particularly Sub-Saharan

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A Case Report and Literature Review on Adult Intussusception in a Referral Hospital in SubSaharan Africa

Introduction: Adult intussusception is an uncommon type of intestinal blockage that accounts for fewer than 5% of all intussusception cases. Adult intussusception is a common cause of intestinal blockage in Sub-Saharan Africa. In contrast to childhood intussusceptions, which are usually

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General Overview of the History of Modern Ophthalmology in Nigeria: A Synopsis of Institutions, Events and Personalities

With contributions from many personalities, ophthalmology in Nigeria has grown over the decades. The emergence of good care has been influenced by many events and institutions, from the creation of the ECWA Eye Hospital in 1943 as one of the

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