Biological Treatment of Dyes Using Immobilized Microbes, Toxicity Studies and Analytical Techniques: An Overview

Dyeing industry effluents pose a significant hazard to long-term environmental development. Treatment and disposal of complex dyes provide a number of issues. Researchers have been drawn to sustainable techniques for bioremediation of xenobiotics in general, and dyes in particular, because

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Community/ Public Participation Medico – Legal Concepts to Identify Unclaimed or Missing Dead Bodies from Public Mortuaries to Improve Public Health in Western Kenya

Community/public participation in medico-legal matters serves as a benchmark for health determinants and high-quality integrated services in the area of criminal justice assistance for health. Unclaimed bodies or missing dead persons (UCBOMDPs) occur in about 44 million cases worldwide each

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An Overview of Optimization, Characterization, Recovery and Application of Polyhydroxyalkanoates Synthesized by Microorganisms

If we work for a more sustainable future, the most significant roadblock is the quality and cost-effectiveness of plastics in most industries. As a result, bacterial polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) tend to be a promising candidate for replacing non-biodegradable plastics and combating

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