Evaluating the Eustachian Tube Function in Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media in Reference to its Treatment Outcome

The most essential determinant in the development and persistence of otitis media is tubal dysfunction. Because the beginning pathogenetic variables of Eustachian tube function and middle ear ventilation are still intact, even the most meticulously done surgery will fail if

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Study on Reducing Maternal Mortality from Direct Obstetric Causes during 2013 in Sudan

Despite international agreements to improve maternal health, measuring, monitoring, and comparing mortality rates remains challenging. In 2013, researchers in Sudan conducted a study to see how maternal mortality from direct obstetric causes (obstetric haemorrhage, hypertensive disorders, and sepsis) changed after

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Studies on Different Techniques of Tympanoplasty: A Historical Review of Indian Perspectives

Tympanoplasty surgery, which involves the reconstruction of the middle ear hearing apparatus, evolved from the basic eardrum repair methods known as myringoplasty. Tympanoplasty is the collective term for reconstructive surgery of the conductive hearing mechanism, which has gradually evolved over

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