Pediatric Pancreatitis: Demography, Etiology, Complications and Ultrasound Findings in a Tertiary Care Centre

Pancreatitis is more uncommon in youngsters and youths than in grown-ups, and the causes in grown-ups and kids are unique. The goal was to concentrate on demography, etiology, entanglements and detail ultrasound discoveries in pediatric pancreatitis. Reflectively, 20 patients were

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Study on Persistent Symptomatic and Functional Improvement of Hands Osteoarthritis Post Expanded Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy: A Clinical Approach

This study aims to see if a potential cellular biological therapy could assist patients with hand osteoarthritis (OA) regulate their symptoms and recover hand function, allowing them to perform more activities of daily living and work more comfortably. OA of

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Estimation of Placental Thickness with Gestational age in Second &Third Trimester-An Ultrasonographic Study

The placenta is a vital part of the fetus's health in utero, as it is responsible for the fetus's regular growth and development. The measurement of the placenta can therefore detect if the fetus's growth is impaired. Our goal was

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Fetal Kidney Length Measurement, an Additional Visceral Parameter to Predict Gestational Age between 24 to 40 Weeks

Introduction: Accurate gestational age estimation is essential for providing effective prenatal care. According to new research, while measuring the duration of pregnancy by ultrasonography, kidney length should be considered in addition to typical biometric indications. Materials and Procedures: In a

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Differential Diagnosis of Focal Hepatic Lesions Using Ultrasound Confirmed with Histopathology: Recent Advancement

Over the last few decades, advances in imaging technologies have helped to better characterise hepatic abnormalities. The goal of this study was to distinguish localised hepatic lesions based on ultrasound (U/S) features and compare the results to histology. A descriptive

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