L-DOPA/Capsazepine or L-DOPA/Rimonabant Co-Administration in an Experimental Parkinson Disease Model: Behavioral and Cellular Consequences

The ability of rimonabant or capsazepine with the addition of L-DOPA in: (1) the severity of LIDs, the dyskinetic effects were assessed using measures of abnormal involuntary movements (AIMs); (2) the protection of dopaminergic cell loss; and (3) the cytological

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Studies on Gross, Histomorphological, Histochemical and Ultrastructural Characteristics of Pecten Oculi in Guinea Fowl (Numida meleagris)

Guinea chicken (Numida meleagris) Pecten Oculi were examined for gross, histological, histochemical, and ultrastructural studies on their 18 eyes. There are 13 to 17 accordion (pectineal) folds in the pecten oculi. These snake-like accordion folds began at the cauda of

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