A Case Study on the Weep Hole and Cutoff Wall Effect for Decreasing Uplift Pressure on Hydraulic Structures| Chapter 2 | Innovations in Science and Technology Vol. 6

 There have been numerous ways developed to give an economical design of hydraulic structures in order to lessen uplift pressure. Diversion dams and concrete gravity dams are examples of constructions; upstream and downstream of the dam, horizontal aprons or cutoff

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Comparison of Uplift Pressure and Hydraulic Gradient in Three Types of Dams: Concrete Gravity Dams, Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Earth-Filled Dams

Dams are among the oldest hydro-engineering structures on the planet. They're built to prevent flooding and protect land, property, people, and cattle. Dam designers must understand uplift pressure and hydraulic gradient since they have an impact on the dam's stability.

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