The study is dedicated to disclosing the evidence of physiotherapy’s superiority over drug theatment by the criteria and treatment strategies in accordance with the therapeutic stage of the development of the disorder, by labour test outcomes, and by enhancing the quality of life.’Underwater horizontal extension of the spine with underwater phototherapy to solve a real medical and social problem: the treatment of patients with degenerative-dystrophic damage of the lumbosacral spine with hernia protrusion of the intervertebral discs – one of the most wide-ranging intervertebral discs – is verified with high statistical precision by the example of a new reconstruction technology: Based on the achievements achieved in physics – the discovery of “evanescent waves”; “scanning tunnel microscope”; “stationary and non-stationary Josephson effects”; the creation of highly sensitive equipment; and the discovery by the author of this work of a highly detailed, non-invasive, simple, harmless method of studying the mechanism of action of physical factors in the organisation.

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Bitsoev Vladimir Dodtievich
Department of Medical Science, h.42A, Kirova Str., Apt. 60 the Town of Podolsk of the Moscow Region, Moscow, Russia.

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