Patient handover is the pivot for communicating patients’ information between healthcare professionals. The current study explores the hypothetical frameworks upholding corporate communication and patient handover, constituting their ontology and epistemology. Clinical handover is a direct transfer of information plateful the transmission of clinical outline, liability and accountability ‘tween healthcare professionals to promote patients’ continuity of care, joint awareness of patients’ environments and planned management. Several hypothetical frameworks support the stages of handover. According to social hypotheses and the frameworks proposed in the current study, dispassionate handovers are social constructions. Handovers’ ending truth and form are thus achieved through constant interpersonal interplays, sharing of meanings, and spreading collective knowledge inside healthcare teams. Hence, on account of handover complexity, the author reviews how different specialists use social conventions to form information about patients sharable and comprehensible to each appendage of a team or other crews, and how areas of misunderstanding are always a challenge when social constructions and handovers happen.

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Carlo Lazzari,
International Centre for Healthcare and Medical Education, London, United Kingdom.

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Keywords: Handover, ontology, logics, epistemology, set theory, constructionism, interpretivism, ISBAR

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