Recent growths in AI technology have curve it into a tool that can completely revolutionise trades. This research study aimed to examine the application of AI related to manufacturing and the difficulties and moral issues associated with its inclusion. After collecting dossier from a representative sample of business experts, the research used approximate and quantitative approaches to analyse the gathered news. According to the findings, machine intelligence can assist businesses in automating repetitious tasks, increasing their adeptness, improving decision-making, and providing intuitions previously idea impossible. However, the research still uncovered many impediments, such as a dearth of understanding and specialised knowledge, extreme costs of implementation, and concerns concerning privacy and safety. According to the study findings, businesses must feel ethical issues before achieving AI. These issues include responsibility and transparency, the prevention of bias, and guaranteeing that AI joins with human principles. If businesses deem all of these factors, they will be competent to open the full potential of AI and use it to drive novelty, growth, and overall profit.

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Giriraj Kiradoo,
Department of Management and Technology, Engineering College Bikaner, Bikaner, Rajasthan, India.

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Keywords: AI in business management, ethics in AI, challenges of AI, application of AI

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